Our gas main services

C & M Kiernan Pipelines Construction install new and replacement external MDPE gas mains pipework and services from new or existing meter gas outlet pipework position to building entry position. We can install on ‘supply, install, test, commission’ or ‘excavate, supply, install, test, commission and reinstate’.

Installation of mains can be by:

  • Open Cut
  • Top Cutting
  • Impact Moling
  • Dead / Live Insertion
  • Mains Bursting
  • Directional Drilling

We are able to offer a supply, fabricate and install internal steel MDPE gas mains pipework in both threaded and welded options in relation to the above services, from emergency control valve onto appliances. Secondary meters and pressure reducing governors can be supplied and installed.

Pressure Connections

Under pressure connections can be undertaken to offer an uninterruptible service to end users such as schools, universities, hospital and prisons. We own specialist equipment to offer drilling and tapping of parent main sizes from ½’’ to 12’’ on MDPE, Steel, Ductile and Cast Iron with varying outlet branch sizes available. Under pressure drilling of mechanical and fusion branch saddles installed by ourselves can be completed on MDPE ( up to 250 mm) and metallic mains (up to 14’’) with varying sized branches . Welded hot tappings on live steel mains can be installed and under pressure drilled by ourselves.

Flow Stopping

Flow stopping of PE and metallic mains are undertaken. Squeeze off MDPE from 32mm to 400mm can be undertaken by our qualified workforce as can the bag stopping of PE from 180mm to 355mm in areas where squeeze offs can’t be applied. Bag stopping of metallic mains from 1’’ to 12’’ is also undertaken including all metallic pipe cutting. All the above works include appropriate live riders/bypasses to offer an uninterruptable supply while works are completed.
Decommissioning services are offered for the demolition sector in the form of service cut offs/diversions and purging to make safe of redundant pipework.